Pricing and Policies

Business Description

My business repairs and installs most types of domestic gas central heating systems.



Please note I am NOT VAT registered

My  first hour costs £75 . Subsequent hours are £35.  I do not offer 24 hour call out. If I need to acquire parts & revisit the revisit is £60  assuming the job can be completed in an hour. If this is not the case the job will be individually quoted for prior to commencement.

Payment is by cheque, credit card or cash.

Invoicing is only accepted with prior arrangement and is payable within seven days of the job completion.


Privacy Policy

The only personal information I keep is: name address & phone number. This is for required accounting purposes and reminders for annual servicing etc. I do not keep any credit / debit card details. I do not share any personal information.


Delivery (of my service)

Prior to any financial transaction I will offer a mutually convenient time for my visit. This will usually be same day or the next working day or so.


Refunds and Cancellations

If you wish to cancel my first visit that’s fine. A full refund (if any monies have changed hands) will be returned via bank transfer or credit / debit card.  Should you wish to cancel my second visit and parts have been purchased, parts will be refunded but subject to any postage delivery  or surcharges / restocking charges from the supplying company.  All refunds will be attended to within in 7 days of cancellations.


Contact information.

All my contact details are listed on the ‘contact us’ page of this website.



I am happy too take instructions from tenants but authorisation of my call out fee will be taken first by card from either the landlord or the tenant.  If there is no method of payment on my arrival I will depart. Without prior arrangement I do not send invoices to Landlords.

Should the job need a revisit further authorisation will be taken for the agreed amount prior to parts being purchased.  Without guaranteed certainty of payment I will not attend.