5 Year Warranty

My boiler of choice is the Intergas. The Intergas boiler is made in Holland. I recommend them as they are beautifully engineered (pics below) and are very simple in design. This combination alone makes them a hands down winner in my mind. They are a biothermic boiler & do not use plate heat exchangers (one of the weak points of the traditional Combi)

Their Combi boiler can not only be ‘just ‘ a Combi boiler but a System boiler  or even a multipoint  water heater,. All these options can be used on either vented or sealed systems.  They are supplied ready for low voltage or 230 volt programmers can accommodate external Weather Compensating sensors (to save energy) can run the very latest Open Therm Technology Intelligent room stats and of course are ready for Solar panels.  Being of Continental design they also can offer higher flow temps for your DHW tank than your radiators again conserving gas (when in system  heat only or Combi modes) .

If you fancy a bit of Solar on your Combi – the Intergas is one of the few boilers that outwardly promotes preheated water flowing through the cold water inlet.

The Intergas heat exchanger will not be damaged if it runs completely dry of water (see how many other boilers can claim that!) and as a result offer a 10 year warranty on their heat exchangers.

Amazingly this is all achieved with only FOUR moving parts! Even if you are not technically minded – you can see where their slogan – ‘Less is More’ comes from.  If you – like me believe in the KISS theory (Keep It Simple Silly) then this is the boiler to install.

If you are in a very large dwelling it’s also easy to cascade two (or more!) boilers to heat your swimming pool as well!

Their boilers come as standard with a 3 year warranty. However if an Installer gains ‘Platinum Installer’ status then that warranty is increased to 5 years. (I am of course a Platinum Installer)

To protect your investment and promote the longevity of your boiler I always recommend a Spirovent Filter.  These are not made of (yuk) Plastic – but brass. They fit neatly in the 22mm return pipework to catch any sludge or Debris that may be in the system to stop it getting into the heat exchanger. Pictures speak louder than words so here is a short Video on the Spiriovent.

If you are going for a Combi then protection against scaling is also required. (Northampton is in a hard water area)  This I supply by a simple ‘sausage’ type water softener.

Flushing is always worth doing (and sometimes essential) and relates to Cholesterol.  Manganite (that ‘orrible black stuff) clogs up the pipes valves & radiators reducing flow & the ability for the boiler to work as efficiently as it could. Biothermic boilers are not as susceptible to sludged systems but it is always good practice to flush the system when fitting a new boiler.


This is the concept of Biothermic Intergas boilers

This is a link to the Intergas Heat Engine